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Super humans:steroids

Posted by RAJESH

Benjamin Sinclair "Ben" Johnson broke the world record in 100m sprint in olympics with a mind boggling timing of just 9.79 seconds..but later he was disqualified as he used steroids..
Barry bonds famous baseball player admitted he used steroids and ruined his carrer...
and there are many superheroes whoz names cannot be revealed who have used steroids...
This image is not a work of graphics its the magic of steroids..
lets know how this super heroes are made..

steroids are of many types..
some of the common categories of steroids:

Animal steroids
Insect steroids
Ecdysteroids such as ecdysterone
Vertebrate steroids
Steroid hormones
# Sex steroids are a subset of sex hormones that produce sex differences or support reproduction. They include androgens, estrogens, and progestagens.
# Corticosteroids include glucocorticoids and mineralocorticoids. Glucocorticoids regulate many aspects of metabolism and immune function, whereas mineralocorticoids help maintain blood volume and control renal excretion of electrolytes.
# Anabolic steroids are a class of steroids that interact with androgen receptors to increase muscle and bone synthesis. There are natural and synthetic anabolic steroids. In popular language the word "steroids" usually refers to anabolic steroids.
Cholesterol which modulates the fluidity of cell membranes and is the principle constituent of the plaques implicated in atherosclerosis.
Plant steroids
Fungus steroids

There are steroids which are used by doctors for operations and are suggested to patients as medicines..
but now we are only going to discuss of those steroids which make a huge difference in humans... In popular language the word "steroids" usually refers to anabolic we talk about anabolic steroids in specific..
A steroid has a capability of converting a normal human to a super human..
atheletes become worlds fastest human and body builders turn to giants...
and shot putters just throw away the shotput miles away...

howz this possible..??
this is an attempt to make a lay man understand what is a steroid and the ill effects of it..
By nature humans have got some standards and capabilities both biologically and physically..
steroids are an attempt to go beyond this nature..

In simple terms a anabolic steroid is a male hormone TESTOSTERONE.male reproductive hormone..i.e steroid
is a man made testosterone in labs. .
this hormone is responsible for physical and biological changes in man at the age of maturity..
testosterone is released and males reproductive organs gain functionality ... growth of mustache and pubic hair are also
the observable changes...

At the age of maturity when this hormone is released the muscles of the males develop and their capability improves..
one such type of steroid is Anabolic steroids such as THG ...

THG's have been in demand in gyms and sports grounds for decades, and one study found that 9 per cent of body builders going to gyms in Britain were using them.
Made from the male hormone testosterone, they provide a chemical shortcut to strength and endurance. They promote the development of muscle, reduce fatigue and
speed recovery after physical exertion by stimulating the production of protein. This makes them especially attractive to sprinters, weightlifters and throwers
such as shot putters, for whom raw power is all-important....

when a person or a sportsman works hard for hours where he spends most of muscle power.. here the testosterone come into action...
they are utilized to maximum extent ... so the persons sexual power reduces ..people generally say that a person with jumbo muscles cant do the task but a cute boy with no muscles can do it....
so atheletes and others use steroids.. i don't say that it increases his sexual capability ..but it has ill effects instead..
when the steroids are taken in minimum amount it doesn't really affect him.. but to get a good performance in sports, and to build a good body these steroids are
taken in very large amounts.. this effects them drastically in both ways..
the ill effects of steroid are not observed as soon as they are taken but.. they have long term effects.. many persons after a age of just 40 have complains regarding their health who admit that they have used steroids
in their 20s... and there are cases of deaths registered because of heart attacks due to use of steroids..
after using steroids for just 1-2 weeks one can find the difference in his capabilities and structure of muscles..

The function of testes stops as intake of testosterone is more from outside into the body..
and there is no need for body to produce the hormone..
but if the user suddenly stops the usage of steroids the testis doesn't start producing the hormones and there are many other effects...
the person gets depressed and if he is alone he may attempt for a suicide.. so be careful ...
the person cannot stop the intake all of a sudden.. he should slowly stop it..

steroids have become very popular and now a days they are available every where.. you may buy them over internet or
even u may get them at a local medical shop..
and in recent times teenagers are getting more addicted to steroids... so find them and stop them from doing this illegal practice..

The addition of four hydrogen atoms was all it took to make the anabolic steroid, gestrinone, undetectable by standard tests. A clever bit of work by chemists transformed it into tetrahydro-gestrinone (THG), providing some sportsmen, apparently, with the means to cheat.
The alarm was raised when a used syringe with a barely visible residue inside it was provided by an anonymous track and field coach to the US Anti-Doping Agency. From that residue, a University of California laboratory was able to identify the droplets as THG and then devise a test that would detect it in athletes' urine.

Anabolic steroids carry many risks. They can harm the liver and may damage the heart by causing expansion of the cardiac muscle. They also promote growth of the bones, especially facial bones such as the jaw and teeth, and increase the risk of cancer.
One problem with detecting the use of anabolic steroids is that they are broken down and excreted by the body within five to 15 days but their effects are felt for three to four months.
Athletes may choose to use them during training and then stop a couple of weeks before a competition. Drug testing out of competition and at no notice were introduced to tackle this problem.
In addition to steroids, stimulants such as ephedrine are among the most widely abused drugs in sport. Erythropoietin, used by cyclists and long distance runners to increase the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood, is also in demand.

We public are considered to be the most responsible for this issue.. atheletes are taking steroid only to entertain us..
when people are expecting more from their favourite stars the the only alternate for them is to use steroids..
And to become famous they suddenly break records by using steroids.. All this is only to entertain the public..
We shouldn't encourage such practice.. lets unite to educate all about the risks involved and the degrading sports culture...
lets remake it and get it into the right path......

The most alarming issue is the usage of steroids by general public.. i don't know the reasons but i can interpret it as follows..
the growing challenges in the fast growing world wants people to work like machines..
they need to put more strain.. so to improve their work efficiency they are using steroids...
steroids not only build muscles but simply they enhance the persons ability in the work he does daily..
it may be running, shortputting ,body building or even industrial working etc

If u don't take care of this right now the results may be disastrous and more devastating..
the situation will be out of control..
so lets put a check to this.. And u public don't expect more from our sportsmen and atheletes..
so that to satisfy your expectation and entertain you they will not indulge in steroids....
lets hope they will perform only to their natural abilities but not created ones...

say no to steroids............

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