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The Time Dimension Explained!!

Posted by VeNoM

So when have you last seen a Science Fiction Movie where Travel to Future was just as boarding a Flight to Mumbai!!??? :D The other day I was searching for an Article regarding the Black Holes and Anti-matter and I stumbled upon this Article By Ted Bunn . In his article he mentions about the Travel To Future.. He talks about a Phenomenon an Illusion which we face when we try to look beyond the Horizon of the Black-Hole. This article raised one issue that caught my eye. Yes Iam talking about whether Time can be Considered as another Dimension?? Incidentally Einstein seems to have mentioned Time as a Dimension in his 'Theory of Relativity'. Now this has raised many doubts than it solved any!

CAN WE TRAVEL TO OUR FUTURE??? CAN WE PREDICT THE FORTHCOMING?? CAN I EVER CHANGE MY BIRTH CERTIFICATE?? WILL I BE ABLE TO SHARE MY LAND WITH DINOSAURS?? The answers to these strange questions may lie with the concept of the 'Time-Travel' becoming a FACT.

To make matters easy let me put an Article that rather compelled me not to think beyond Future...! :P

Time and the Fourth Dimension

Now it is debatable whether time is actually a fourth dimension. But, for sake of argument, let's assume that is. The implications of this are threefold. One is that all time, past, present, and future exist together in some way and that what we consider time passing is really only our being traveling along a fourth dimension from past to present to future. It also seems to imply the possibility of traveling in the reverse direction from the present to the past or speeding up our travel forward into the future. Thirdly, from the foregoing you can only come to conclusion that the future is predetermined, since it already exists and cannot be changed.

If you could view the fourth dimension (if it is time), you would see yourself extending to the point where you were born in one direction and up to the point of your death in the future. The same with everything around you. If not too distant in the fourth dimension, you could view any object from the point of its origin to its dissolution and all the changes that occurred to it.

Now a person who could travel into time who have some of the powers of a fourth dimensional person. He could appear in a locked room simply by going back in time when the room was not locked. He could disappear and appear somewhere else. He could predict the future.

In a previous paragraph, I stated that if time is the fourth dimension, our future is predetermined. This would also hold for the past. Thus, a time traveler who went to the past would not have a choice. He would by necessity have to have arrived from the future at the exact time of his arrival. This implies no free will; even our thoughts and actions are predetermined. To get around this problem and other paradoxes involved with time travel, one must conjecture other dimensions in which one can travel at right angles from not only to the usual three but from the fourth time dimension. This introduces the concept of parallel time.

The concept of parallel time is that starting from the beginning of the universe, each moment introduces infinite possibilities and each possibility exists somewhere (possibly in a fifth or higher dimension). So, if I go back in time and prevent my mother from meeting my father, two universes exist, one where I did not prevent my parents from meeting and one where I did. When I return to what I consider my own present, I actually return to a different universe from the one where I started from, one in which I was never born.

Joe Vadalma

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